Did I mention, I play well with others. . . . . .

I have a new pet, and I’m willing to share her.
She’s so delightful and delicate, until I make her squirm.

How do you like playing with others?

Imagine the circumstance....

Have you been feeling ill? I’m bringing Nurse GoodBody to take your temperature. What type of patient are you? Well behaved? Passive? Stubborn?

2 Doms, 1 Sub
Well, you know my roll! Shall I master the both of you? Will you join me for some sinister fun or it is my pet’s turn to play with you.

Disciplining Naughty Students
Dirty boys and girls must reflect on their wrong doings? Sister CoCo is her to discipline and guide you both.

The possibilities are endless to the fun we can all have.

***Please know that I am not submissive nor will I pretend to be.***

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